Guitar Shelf Racks For Music Classrooms

classroom guitar storage

Guitar teachers know that a classroom full of kids is no safe place to leave a dozen or more guitars scattered willy-nilly when the children enter and exit between periods. At some point, there’s going to be damage to either an instrument or worse a child falling over an instrument. With the help of the Band Room Double-Stack™ Guitar Shelf Racks, you can now save space, organize the room, and create a safe environment to teach.

These shelf-racks are available in both case-only and in-OR-out models. They can each hold 20, or even more, guitars and cases, obviously depending on size. They’re American-made, super sturdy, easily assembled, and constructed of hardwood rails and scuff resistant High-Pressure Laminate sides with a brushed-aluminum finish. What’s more, they include heavy duty wheels so you can easily push these carts, filled to capacity, around your room or back and forth to your instrument storage area or stage area without breaking a sweat.