Double Bass Storage Rack – Press Release

Press Release: October 11, 2011

double bass storage

Schools, rehearsal studios and concert band programs have a new way to keep their double basses stored properly. The newly designed Band Room™ Double Bass Rack accomplishes this by enabling music and concert band teachers to store their students’ double basses in an attractive and durable rack while making the instruments quickly and easily accessible in a classroom or studio.

The Band Room™ Double Bass Rack holds up to three double basses of sizes up to three-quarter, as well as the bows. The rack features soft felt at all contact points to protect the instruments against scratching. Among its many benefits, the rack eliminates scuffed walls, cluttered classroom floors, and crowded band closets, and enables students and players to quickly access any one of the double basses and bows while preventing the accidental toppling of others. The rack features lockable wheels to enable teachers and band directors to easily move the cart as needed and to then lock it in place.

The Band Room™ Double Bass Rack is made of hardwood rails and brushed-aluminum finished melamine sides. Each unit can hold up to three double basses of up to three-quarter size and features casters and bow holders.