Creating the Ultimate Studio for Music Teachers

What could be a more rewarding career than one fully involved in music and profitable to boot? Make the most of the following tips to create a music studio of teachers working for you, or one just for yourself. If you play these up, your studio will be a brilliant success!

music studio

Demographics are important, but let’s first start with what sets you apart from other music studios. Perhaps you or one of your teachers is tied to fame, or studied under one of the greats, or maybe your individuality is in your teaching style, location, or target age groups. Identify what makes you different and then create your “brand” around it. Your studio, whether it be just yourself or is a team of teachers, is your product. Whatever it is that makes you unique makes you an expert in that thing and expertise is what drives sales in services.

Having identified your special something, you can now identify the special clients that want it. Write down everything you can think of about these potential clients. Take into consideration what their economic level is, what types of places they would visit, what types of publications they would read, and then go to those places to advertise. For instance, an ad in the paper is probably not of any use if you’re looking for junior high electric guitar gods. A better place would be online or a flyer placed near the guitar strings at the local music shop.

Even if your studio is built on an atmosphere of psychedelic free space, keep and maintain professional organization of your business and your classes. Be punctual, have a goal for lessons and each student’s education, have your materials ready, an organized schedule, and keep up with the bookkeeping and business side of things.

Tapping into the enchantment, wonderment, and fun of childhood will quickly establish a connection between you and your clients whether they’re five or fifty. Everyone loves fun, and because the average music student is between five and twelve, letting out your inner child is important in exciting and inspiring the student. Don’t leave the fun only to the private lesson – have fun competitions, throw parties, encourage socializing with other students. Make your studio a space of community, not just a revolving door of lone students. Make it the place to be!