School Instrument Storage Rack Reviews

music teacher with her violin storage rack

“helped clean up the room” “The racks are great. Thank you. They are just what I was looking for – easy to put together. Nice and sturdy too. They have really helped clean up the room.” – Chris (Music Teacher)

“LOVE it” “We absolutely LOVE it and all the other music teachers want one.” – Andrea (music teacher in Oakland Township, Michigan)

“We’ll be buying more” “We love our Violin/Viola storage racks! They are easy to move, and hold more instruments with a better design than any other rack we’ve tried. We’ll be buying more!” – Mike G. (Hardin Center for Cultural Arts, Alabama)

“beautiful! Thanks so much!” “I ordered a guitar storage unit last spring. It is now put together and beautiful! Thanks so much! I fit 31 guitars on it! They are mostly 3/4 size.” – Jayne W. (Music Teacher, Hilliard, OH)

“Awesome product!” “PO for double stack guitar rack, Central Middle School, attached-thank you! We love the first one we bought earlier this year. We started a guitar club this year and had 51 guitars donated and no place to put them. The double stack rack solved our problems — the guitars stay safe but are easy for the students to reach when it’s time to play. Awesome product!” – Anne H. (Central Middle School, Riverside, CA)

“sturdy and easy to install” “The racks are sturdy and easy to install. Most importantly it moves around easily despite having so much weight on it.” – T. Wah

“I can easily roll it” “Love the guitar storage rack. My room doubles as a pe locker room and I am able to easily turn the cart around and make it less accessible to those visiting teams. I really love my classroom for guitar, but sharing it with visiting teams does make me a little nervous. The guitar storage cart was the perfect answer to those worries. If I think I will have a real rowdy bunch, I can easily roll it across the Commons to the music room. Thanks for a great, affordable product. I will try to remember to snap a picture of it in my classroom.” – Shelly G.

guitar storage for music teachers

“looks great too” “The guitar rack showed up the last day before Spring Break started. I put in a maintenance request to have it assembled. Our guys came down and put it together yesterday. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the finished product. It has saved me time in my classes (eliminating take down and set up) and it looks great too.” – Dan G. (Music Teacher, Alberta, Canada)

“easy to move” “I liked the violin/viola rack that I bought last year so much that I purchased a second one this year. My maintenance people like the racks too because they are on wheels and easy to move when cleaning the room or waxing the floors over the summer. Thank you very much.” – Don G. (Orchestra Director at Pitman High School – Turlock, CA)

“this rack is beautiful” “I just wanted to say thank you so much for the guitar rack! I received it yesterday, and put it together today in about 20 minutes. How simple to put together! I have 22 guitars, and they all fit. If I take out the pegs, I could fit more, which is great if I expand the guitar program! Bob, this rack is beautiful, and exactly what I have been looking for.” – Lawrence P., Jr. (Vocal/General Music, Glendale School District – Flinton, PA)

“so accommodating” “I knew it would be a big hit. I’m glad I found out about you and you were so accommodating. There is something to be said about going through people who put their time, energy, and heart into their product.” – Stacey R. (Music Teacher, Osbourn High School – Manassas, VA)

“organized and secure” “The racks definitely help us keep our guitars organized and secure.They are now more accessible as well. We used to have them piled in a small room with our music and had to move to move them around every time we needed to find music!” – Ditte W. (Music Teacher, Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

“the Guitar Racks are great” “I think the Guitar Racks are great. I’m putting in a request to my district to get the 2 more we need!” – Dawn (Music Teacher)

“They are great!!” “We finally have unpacked everything and are starting to use them. They are GREAT!!” – Per Music Teacher in Denmark

“It’s light, yet sturdy” “Perfect rack for my school. I teach guitar and all band instruments in lessons in this room… It’s light, yet sturdy. Has good wheels for sturdy, fast mobility. The pegs allow you to store guitars in or out of cases. Works well for some keyboards too. Thanks for an easy to assemble product that is very functional.” – Shelly G.

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