Violin Storage Tips

Violin Storage Tips
Make sure to store your violins in their cases!

The violin is a sensitive instrument that must be stored in a way that protects it from cracking or other damage.

Follow these tips to ensure your instrument is safely stored:

  • Keep it in a climate-controlled room set to a constant temperature and moderate humidity.
  • In dry rooms, place a few well-watered houseplants, or even a Dampit if necessary, to provide adequate humidity.
  • Keep the violin away from anything that would cause any part of the instrument to have a different temperature than the whole, such as drafts, cold or hot walls, and direct sunlight.
  • Store it in a secure place where it will not be bumped or where it is not in danger of other objects knocking it over when they are retrieved (such as a crowded closet or shelf).
  • Keep the violin in its case, being sure that nothing sharp is touching it that can scratch the finish.
  • Use the blanket that came with the case to cover the violin so that it is protected from the bow and the rosin.
  • If you no longer have the blanket, wrap the frog in a thin cloth or find some other way to cover the instrument.
  • Be sure that the case closes easily and never force any part of the instrument or bow to close a case.