The Story of Crafting Excellence in School Instrument Storage Since 2010


2010: A New Venture Begins

  • Inspired by the popularity of‘s line of school guitar racks, parent company A&S Crafted Products launches
  • Introduction of school instrument storage solutions, including Violin, Cello and Double-Bass racks, all produced with American craftsmanship out of a dedicated woodworking facility in Philadelphia, PA.

2012: Meeting the Demand and Moving to Cleveland

  • Move to a larger woodworking facility in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio to enhance production and expand the product line to include ukulele storage racks.

2013: Further Expansion to Central Indiana

  • Growth necessitates expansion to an even larger factory operation in Central Indiana.
  • Continued commitment to American-made products and superior craftsmanship.

2016: Recognition and Spotlight at Summer NAMM

  •’s ukulele storage rack is featured on stage at Summer NAMM 2016.
  • Winning accolades for innovative design and quality, reinforcing our industry reputation.
Judges stage at the Summer NAMM 2016 Awards Ceremony

2017-Present: Continued Success and Growth

  • Consistent growth, providing complete storage solutions for schools, universities, and musical institutions nationwide.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and USA-Made products, reflecting the values of A&S Crafted Products.

Our Commitment, a subsidiary of A&S Crafted Products, embodies our dedication to nurturing music education and supporting young musicians. We’re proud of our heritage of American-made products, and our commitment to quality and innovation continues to set the industry standard. Explore our complete product range at!