Mobile Classroom Ukulele Storage Carts

kindergarden ukulele storage

If there’s one thing a school music classroom demands, it’s organization. You don’t want instruments left all over risking damage to the instruments or the children. Since ukuleles are the go-to instrument for early music education, finding space to store a few dozen of them in a busy classroom setting can be a challenge.

Thankfully, there’s now a solution – introducing the Band Room™ Mobile Ukulele Storage Racks. These attractive, mobile carts enable music teachers to store up to 30 ukuleles, in sizes from soprano to baritone. They make the instruments quickly and easily accessible to your students. They are also available in an 18-capacity version.

They’re American-made, super-sturdy, and easily assembled. What’s more, they include colorful heavy duty wheels so you can easily move them, filled to capacity, around your room or back and forth to your instrument storage area or stage area without breaking a sweat.